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Default What that game showed me....

Disclaimer: I am NOT a coach, nor have I ever played a down of football at a level higher than varsity, but from that Cincy game...

...I don't think this team is lacking in talent, and I don't know how much scheme is to blame for our struggles thus far.

This team LACKS LEADERSHIP this year, more than anything else.

All it took was a spirited performance from Colon, and a big pick by Woodley, and this team came alive.

They have not played with any urgency, fire, or desire this entire season until this last game. They are missing Farrior's leadreship and Ward's voice in thelockerroom this year. Nobody else is getting these guys fired up before the games. Not even Tomlin, who is too much of a "player's coach".

If this team can find some inspiration in each game like they did against Cincy (that game should not have even been close- if not for all the costly drops by a WR we won't name here), and with all the other parts starting to come together in the weeks to come (Pouncey, Polamalu, Gibert, DeCastro, Mendenhall and Redman rejoining the starting crew), we are still in business...

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