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Default Re: Don't believe hype with Steelers' 'D'

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Harrison does not appear to be anywhere close to being back - the video of Harrison previously being able to get leverage on the lineman when he came in at a 40 degree angle while placing great stress on his knee and now coming in at a higher 60 degree angle and getting less leverage was telling

I, too, closely watched Harrison since he's been back. Not even close to the same player.
Call it from what you want....the injuries, the "pulling up" because he's afraid to get fined, etc. And people can cry and moan all they want here about him "getting double-teamed".
But the fact of the matter is, the other premier linebackers are ALSO getting double-teamed as much as Harrison is....and they're just fine.

I certainly don't like to see pains me to say it....but its the truth. The only positive i'm seeing right now is that he has to be accounted for.
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