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Default Re: What that game showed me....

We need a leader on defense. Offensively we've got Ben... we've got elite WR's...we've got an elite TE....we've even got a couple damn good O-linemen that have leadership ability. On defense we are void of leadership. DL has always had that player or two that could take over a game and inspire others to play great. Not this year.

Troy was a leader on the field.... now he just sits on the sideline and watches like the rest of us. Farrior was a leader in the locker room and on the field....he knew the defense as good as anyone...he's gone. Smith was a dominating force up front and inspired others by example...he's gone.

We now have NO legit play makers on defense. Woodley is damn good - I'll give him that. but he disappears too often to be considered elite. Harrison is a shell of his former self... .he's no where near what he once was. He really fired up the defense and more importantly he got in the opponents Mr. Goodell is in his head and it looks as if he's going through the motions. Timmons has playmaking ability but can't seem to take the next step.

We've lost all ability to intimidate the opponent. We lost our swagger.

Sorry but you can't coach that... you need 2 elite players on defense if you want to be a great defense. We don't have a single one. Timmons has been on the verge for 2-3 years has Woodley...but they have failed to take that next step. Harrison and Troy are history. Our #1 pick next season needs to be a LB and he needs to be a franchise LB. If not our defense will struggle to anything consistently.
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