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Default Re: Psychology of a Steeler fan (footballs fans in general)

I think us Steeler fans are more spoiled at usually having good teams and dominating teams throughout the years thus, our bar is held a lot higher for our team than for others. That being said.. we did look plain BAD against the titans.

We looked a little better against the bungles but there are still too many mistakes, penalties and miss opportunities happening every game. The only difference against the bungles is we over came them. We are lucky to be playing in the AFCN which is just might be weakest division in the NFL this year especially after the injuries that have afflicted baltimore.

Until the penalties stop and our level of play becomes cleaner and sharper this team will remain at a wild card at best. That is my realistic view. But to us steeler fans.. a wild card team is not "good"...c cause we are spoiled. Just gotta remember no team can be great every year or all the time.
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