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Default Re: presidential debate

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
Yet again Hopey making up lies.

Yes the did ride horses into battle.


so where exactly is the lie?

real talk here. all politics and partisanship aside, when it came to pure debate, obama handed romney his ass on a platter in regards to that specific point.

i laugh at the entire base that has gone into pure desperation mode to cover up and try to erase this crucial error in judgement and perspective. obamas gaffe of "57 states" pales in comparisson.

sure the marines are tweeting how they still use bayonets, and sure they look cool, but how many bayonets have been replaced with laser light scopes?

i bet its cool being a cowboy in the calvary leading the charge on horseback into battle into afghanistan ghengis kahn style, but id much rather be in an abrams tank.

poor romney. he was in such damage control, he had to go campaign in virginia shipyards today to tattle tell on obama for calling their craft antiquated.

thats a bitch move. he should sack up, instead of pulling boats out of his ass. what is he going to do with all of these new ships? re-discover america like columbus did 600 years ago???

no offense to the boots on the ground, or the fins in the water, but horsies and boats and swords are SO last millenium (as is romney).

im about as pro-hawk as it gets, and all about the wings in the air. hawks dont slither in the sand or swim through the sea, they fly into the sun and attack before you even know what is coming or can see what hit you.

maybe 1% of earth is covered by beach. 20% is covered by land. 80% is covered by water. 100% is covered by air.

even our air force has been cut, and i am fine with that. you can only go so far with utter dominance and overkill.

anyways, my heart bleeds for romneys subsidiary companies, and buddies who work in the ship building industry. they may not get to partake in the moneygrab that awaits if he is not elected. :sad:
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