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Default Re: Pssst, Deion, Big Ben was "elite" long before this

It seems to be that Steeler QB's - even if they worked with Lepers and achieved world peace will never be mentioned in the same conversation with guys named Manning, Brady or Montana.

I guess I "get" why Montana always comes to the top (his stats are the stuff of legend), but even though he won 4 SB's, he wasn't the first, it took him longer and I've always believed that his success had more to do with the strange new offense created by his coach than it did with pure talent (but I'm obviously biased).

It's pretty clear in the land of the talking heads that stats are more important to them than grit or raw talent or a simple will to win and Peyton Manning is the living example of that. How many people remember when Peyton's nickname was "One and Done"? because even after he re-wrote the record book for some season, he'd lay an egg in his first playoff game and go home before the post season ever really got started. And he did that for years (funny how that never comes up...).

Yet after 15 years he has exactly one SB trophy (just like Doug Williams, Len Dawson and Jim McMahon) and despite the fact that his baby brother -- the other Manning -- has more, Peyton nonetheless dominates every talking-head conversation about NFL quarterbacks.

Meanwhile, a guy like Ben, who has won two SB's, been to 3 and who has written the book on toughness and 4th quarter comebacks is barely mentioned.
If Peyton played with a broken nose, a broken foot and was sacked or hit regularly behind an injury-riddled offensive line that sometimes couldn't stop a band of angry Girl Scouts, but STILL went on to win a SB, Steven Speilberg would be commissioned by Roger Goodell to film a documentary about him.

But in Ben's case, it's like if you sit in the movie theater after the movie and watch the credits roll, you might see his name mentioned somewhere next to "Key Grip" or "2nd Unit Gaffer" but never at the beginning where the stars' names are.

I don't get it either, but it is what it is.
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