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Default Re: How much cap space do we save next year

Originally Posted by White_Steel_Wolfe View Post
That would be a good option too- yeah we are. I get flamed and called unnecessary things when I talk about glass Troy. Haha- people go as far as to say I'm not even a real fan for wanting Troy to be cut, nice logic right?
Your post about Troy makes me feel like you are fishing for people to flame you. I disagree with you. Last time I checked he has contributed more to winning games for the Steelers than anyone on the forums. I do believe a true fan would be rooting for people who are injured on our team to get better and help out the team. Your answer is simply cut him...I wonder if you were working some where and were injured and someone just said cut him how you would feel.

I believe if Troy could be on the field he would be there. This season is far from over and calling for heads this many games in does not help anything.
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