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Default Re: What that game showed me....

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
I am not talking about playmakers-- I don't think we have any shortage of that on either side of the ball.

What I am talking about is guys not living up to their potential. The way Timmons broke out the week after we all dogged him out (on every Steelers forum out there) is proof that these guys can be much better than they are playing.

What I am talking about is leadership, not playmaking ability. They need someone to fire them up before games. Did you notice how much more aggressive and dominant they played on both sides of the ball after Colon mudwrestled his guy into the dirt on that one play?

This team does not need more playmakers-- THEY NEED MORE COWBELL!!
I couldn't agree more and I think this team has been flat since they lost in the Superbowl. I have no idea how you can be paid what these guys get and not use that as motivation to get psyched up!? Shouldn't that be enough?

I also agree that Tomlin is a huge reason we look flat all the time. I think he's a great coach but I don't see him getting the guys fired up too often.
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