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Default Re: presidential debate

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
What lies? Quick search top of the page.
again... where are the lies? the article calling them a bunch of lies is the biggest lie, i see.

so now an exaggeration or common place political negotiation tactic is a lie? then romneys "a lie is not a lie if you scram it the most and loudest" strategy is working brilliantly.

other than that, the article seems like a bunch of slanted "he say- she say".

And laser light scopes aren't going to help ya much in a hand to hand situation.
thats right! if romney is elected he will be forcing china to "play by the rules". he better get a billion bayonets on order (y'know... since we dont NEARLY have as many as we did 100 years ago in 1916) to take on their army of ninjas. good thing our forces will be on horseback giving us a distinct advantage.

here is the new era naval ships he envisions landing on the shores of china ans syria by 2014-

maybe he should just ask congress for ONE MILLION DOLLARS and get the sharks with laser beams on their heads.


the only reason romney wants to increase the navys budget for more ships is so he can "ship" more jobs to china.
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