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Default Re: Defense not helping the offense

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
damn our defense SUUUUUX!!!

i sure wish we had the ravens 5-2 defense (1st in penalties, last in time of possession and dead last in first downs allowed.)

its about time our offense start putting up points like the packers, saints, patriots, etc. the defense has carried this team for the last 20 years since bill cowher took over.

weve had 2 dynamic offenses over that span- 94-95 and 2001 when we were 3rd overall.
Maybe those offenses work on short fields more often than ours. The Pats' D has given them 18 extra possessions, ours 7. The Saints and Pack get off the field much better on 3rd down than the Steelers.

Pats: 44% 3rd downs, 15 sacks, 7 INT, 11 fumble recoveries
Saints: 38% 3rd downs, 13 sacks, 3 INT, 3 fumble recoveries
Pack: 37% 3rd downs, 24 sacks, 9 INT, 0 fumble recoveries

Not helping that our special teams is crapping the bed and pinning us back, either.

It all goes together.
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