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Default Re: Has Cam Newton lost Charlotte?

I'm going to come off bias because I'm a huge, huge, huge Cam Newton fan but - what's going on in Carolina isn't his fault.

He's an absolute beast of a quarterback and his skill and abilities are off the chart. He's always projected - to me - as a better quarterback than Andrew Luck. The most obvious thing wrong in Carolina right now is the absolute horrific and team-ruining playcalling. They've invested large portions of their cap into the backfield in Williams, Tolbert and Stewart but are making Cam win games with not only his arm, but his legs as well.

The complete and total lack of any WR's behind Smith is forcing Cam to be Aaron Rodgers with his throws, something a Sophomore can't be. It's ridiculous that he's getting the heat for their losses. It's also unrealistic to expect quarterbacks with little-to-no help at receivers and underachieving running backs to be successful in this league. People are praising Andrew Luck and RGIII but completely writing off Newton which is laughable. Look at the offensive depth for each of those teams, and then look at the depth for the Panthers. That, combined with the injuries that have plagued the Panthers. If you think the Steelers' injuries were plaguing this team, look at what happened to the Panthers. Beason, Gamble and Kalil all went down. Beason is the heart and soul of that defense, and is arguably the second best ILB behind only Willis. Gamble is a shut down CB and could be defined as "being the secondary". Losing Ryan Kalil would be very, very similar if Pouncey went down and had to be put on IR - that OLine would crumble, forcing Cam to put the offense on his back and lead this team as a Sophomore quarterback.

As for Cam dancing and "acting like a fool" - he was trying to get the crowd into it. You could hear a pin drop in that stadium, despite the fact they just scored. He did very similar things in Auburn when they were down a couple of TD's and it worked miracles. Getting the crowd into it and being the 12th man on defense is something Steelers fans take for granted and I'm the first to admit it. Heinz Field is always into it, especially after Renegade. The Panthers don't have it so easy - they've been bad for a long time and haven't been to, let alone won, a Championship in a long time.

As for Marty Hurney - he was a terrible, terrible general manager. Blaming Cam Newton for his firing is ridiculous. His terrible draft picks and decisions regarding cap space has led to Cam having only Smith to throw the ball to. People are saying Greg Olsen is a valuable asset - and these people should be comedians. His inability to catch or make the big play when he has to help his quarterback. Again, Steelers fans are used to seeing Miller being Ben's safety blanket and assuming other teams have this kind of asset to throw to.

People have to remember he's still a kid. He's still learning and developing. He's made some mistakes and no one is arguing that. Sulking and calling your own teammates out is a good way to lose your team and he's gotta mature and learn this quickly. Once he does, though, he's going to be an elite quarterback. He has all the tools and potential to be an elite quarterback. He just needs a couple weapons and a general manager that knows what he's doing with the cap.

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