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Default Re: Has Cam Newton lost Charlotte?

Originally Posted by steelax04 View Post
His attitude is what's taking things right down the shitter... his skills (off the charts is a bit generous...) don't matter when you're sulking on the sidelines and calling out your teammates. If you want to be the best, then act like it. Be a leader, a teammate, represent the best of what you are and what you want to be. Until he shows that, then he's missing one of the primary tools an elite quarterback needs, which is leadership ability.
You're hitting the nail on the head. His attitude has to change if this team is going to rally around him, but he's not the reason this offense isn't working. You're looking at 12.2 million off the cap for the stable of running backs they have. Shedding about half of that signs a top dollar wide receiver to give Cam another option. Smith can't be the target every time. LaFell hasn't shown he can really do anything, and again, Greg Olsen is not a legitimate option for him. Behind them sits Armanti Edwards and David Gettis, guys a lot of you would ask "who?" and rightfully so. Grabbing a WR in this offseason has to be priority number 1 for this team. If they're picking high, snagging guys like Hunter or Allen would give the Panthers the opportunity to have their young WRs develop with their young QB.

There's no question his leadership ability has to improve. Him sulking isn't going to accomplish anything and only create more of a distance between himself and his team. However, he's doing what he can with what he has and that should be the most alarming thing to the Panthers' front office.
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