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Default Re: American Horror Story - season 2

Originally Posted by Killer View Post
a collection of little short horror stories

So if 'Tate' isn't bloody face, the good Dr?

what we learned - sister Jude was the town pump and a murderer

poor sister Mary Eunice gets corrupted by a demon

and I am beginning to hate that stupid jilted lesbian squealing snitch reporter bitch
I'm not sure if Dr. Frankenstein is Bloody Face. I thought that at first, too, but it seems a bit too obvious, so now I'm not too sure. The Monsignor perhaps? I do think it's Dr. Frankenstein's patients gone wrong (zombies) who are walking about in the woods. He's a pervert. Watching and touching Sister Mary Eunice while she was "sleeping," and asking the prostitute to slowly show him her mossy bank while he was grabbing his crotch. Ewwww. Sister Mary Eunice was tempted by his caramel apple and is now possessed. She will now be tempting/enticing Dr. Frankenstein.

Loved Sister Jude as the drunken lounge singer wh0re. I was disappointed she didn't get it on with the Monsignor. We know she wants to given her fantasy scene. She is totally in love with him.

Lana Banana is a total bitch. Why didn't she escape when Kit was being attacked by the guards? It would have been the perfect opportunity. Not only is she a bitch, but she's also a dumb bitch. And her feet are ugly.

I hope Adam Levine has learned his lesson as to what a BJ will get him!
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