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Default Re: Throw back jerseys

Originally Posted by Hawaii 5-0 View Post
The Steelers will look, um, interesting on Sunday

By MJD | Shutdown Corner Wed, Oct 24, 2012

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has a thing for dopey socks. He is likely to be very jealous of the opposing Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend, because they will be sporting the dopiest socks in NFL history.

The rest of the uniform only gets dopier as you work up from the black and gold striped socks. You can see them on various players behind Charlie Batch in the photo to the right here's a better look at them if you can take your eyes off of Charlie for a minute. Only on Project Runway will you find someone so proud of such ridiculous clothing.

And they are ridiculous. They're disturbingly ugly, and Batch looks like the Hamburglar, if the Hamburglar had been homeless for 15 years. I'm starting to like it, though. If you're going to go ugly, I say go big. It's easy to rock a throwback jersey if you've got cool throwback jerseys. The Chargers in their old AFC joints? No problem. The Lions in their customary Thanksgiving gear? Why not?

The Steelers looking like wayward rugby players who accidentally stumbled into a marathon where someone taped numbers on their chest? That takes some fortitude.

The Steelers play the Redskins at 1 p.m. ET on Sunday. If you miss them then, you'll get a second chance in Week 11, when the Steelers play the Ravens in a Sunday night game.

Oh, and robble robble.

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