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Default Re: NFL or FFL?

Originally Posted by maddog78 View Post
You don't have to be very cynical to believe that the league is tailoring its rules to support the huge FFL industry. Yards and points, baby, that's what it's all about now.
which make some of the long-time records (John Unitas' 47 game TD streak, Jim Brown's career per-carry average, Don Hutson's 99 TD receptions), done in a time when winning was #1, not individual statistics, even more-impressive

Brees has already thrown almost 600 more passes than Unitas did in his entire career, in 50 fewer games, and plays 1/2 his games indoors, on carpet

had Huston played 303 games (like Jerry Rice), his average says he'd have caught an absurd 285 TD passes, dwarfing Rice's 197

recent Steeler hall-of-Famne inductee Jack Butler intercepted 52 passes in just 103 games, one every-other game ~ even in today's pass-n-tab NFL, who swipes 8 balls a season, every-season???

in the name of higher TV-ratings (the League has led the ratings-game since the defensive-minded 1970's, something the League fails to tell you), they've bastardized the rules, and the history of the game, which is why I rarely watch anymore

but keep buying those League-approved items ~ they need to buy light-bulbs for the scoreboards
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