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Default Re: Ben staying upright in Haley’s new offense

Originally Posted by Millers the sh!t View Post
Offense is coming together. It seems a little predictable and repetitive but then out of nowhere they pull out some trick play that has big play potential. I'd like to see a more.consistent run game though and try some different forms of screens. Either way, I'm glad bird brain is gone, and Haley is running the show. Not sure what's going on in the coaching dept. Though cause all of the dropped passes, penalties, and other fundamental errors that has been setting us back points and first downs EVERY GAME.
[NOTE: Miller'sthesh!t, this is not a direct response to you, but it seems fitting here.]

As far as predictable goes, I remember that DAL in the 90s was playing some team, and that other team was trash talking... and Larry Allen had had enough... and turned to the defender, and started calling out the plays, before the snap.

"Run left."
And, DAL ran left.

"Run right."
And, DAL ran right.

This continued, until the defender had gotten the point... which was: "We are so good, that you can KNOW our plays, but you still CAN"T stop them."

The element of surprise is less of a factor than one would expect; it's almost entirely about execution.

For example, on third & long, sure the occasional draw play garners a long run and/or a first down. BUT, most of the time, defense knows that the WRs are going to run route right past the yard marker. The GOOD teams execute (convert third downs); the bad teams punt.

Lastly, I agree: drops, mistakes, & penalties are killing what would otherwise be a prolific offense. At least two drives per game (4-8 points per game) are squandered by a dropped pass, a fumble, or a penalty.
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