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Default Re: LeBeau's reliance on Troy

I'm sorry, but a Defense that drops off the map due to the absence of ONE guy doesn't make it a good Team Defense.

I don't know what the fxxk you guys are talking about. Anything short of a SB win will cause a spontaneous emergence of "sky is falling" threads around here.

As of today, the Polamalu-less Steelers' defense is ranked #2 overall, #2 against the pass, and #9 at stopping the run. With Polamalu out for significant portions of the last two seasons, we have ranked #1 overall both seasons.

We just got Woodley and Harrison back on the field simultaneously for the first time since 2010, and our pass rush is starting to return. When that happens, the secondary immediately gets better. Timmons is starting to break out, Keenan Lewis is starting to grow into his starting role. We get Decastro, Gilbert, and Pouncey back on our Oline soon. We get Mendenhall back in our backfield soon. Haley's offense is starting to grow wings. The Steelers are on track to get ring 7 this year.

I think a few rebuilding years at 6-10 are what this fanbase REALLY needs. Will do some much-needed spring cleaning....

If you look around the league, not many teams are playing good pass defense this season. That has a lot to do with all the new rules. The Steelers are still #2, even including a terrible start to the season.

I hate to be a what-do-you-call-it, but seriously the pessimism around here has no basis and is a sure sign of a spoiled fanbase.
"On the S-2-7 train"
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