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Default Re: Steelers-Vikings set for London in '13

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
I grew up, went to school, and worked in and around Clarion, Mercer, Lawrence, Butler, Indiana, Cambria, and Allegheny counties and have spent plenty of my childhood and adult life throwing money at the Steelers and Three Rivers and then Heinz field - made a career choice so had to leave PA and am still there for the fall and holidays, sometimes in the summer, visiting family who lives around the city and the surrounding region - so yea, I hear what you are saying - but it isn't going to change the bottom line -

just from my experiences, I would rather see a game in Dublin than London - but, bottom line identifies London as the more lucrative venue. It would be like the NFL placing a game in Reno over Vegas in terms of revenue potential. I don't want the game to go international either, but that doesn't mean we have the power to stop it. There is only one way to get anything across to the league - and that is to stop watching and going to games, stop buying merchandise - and that ain't happenin'

Personally, I think the Steelers and the league would make more $$$ playing an Interstate matchup versus the Eagles in Beaver Stadium, as would other teams across the country playing at more neutral, college sites once a season

There ya go. When the league was talking about expanding the season to 18 regular season games, I thought, why not 17 games with the extra game coming in the form of a rivalry game.
Try to pit them against an out of conference opponent. Here's a few that work well. Now in the few cases that there are teams involved who struggle to fill stadiums, this will help. You can also pick a couple of these games to ship over seas with these weak fanbase teams.

Steelers vs. Eagles every year at State College. You could almost fit both sets of season ticket holders in this stadium.

Ravens vs. Redskins. Alternate the home/home. Or have it at FedEx for stadium size, but alternate the home team and fan ticket access.

Giants vs. Jets much the same way.

Cowboys vs. Texans in one of the big college venues or Mexico.

Raiders vs. 49ers.

Browns vs. Bengals in CBUS. But you designate this game to not count towards division or conference tiebreakers.

Jags vs. Tampa in Gainsville or Orlando Citrus Bowl. Neither of these teams sell out anyway, so pull both fan bases together.

Colts vs. Rams.

Pats vs. Bills in Toronto.

Chargers vs. Cardinals in Mexico.

Lots of possiblilites, and Goodell will get his international exposure this way too.
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