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Default Re: Steelers-Vikings set for London in '13

The more I think about this London thing, it seems that it's just a matter of time before a team winds up there. At that point, there is no way Goodell allows this move to fail under his watch. I'm never much on conspiracy theories, but I just don't think the league will allow that team to fail. What promotes growing fan bases better than anything- winning. I could see little things that we'll never know going on to ensure that the team in London doesn't become the Cleveland Browns.

Europe is the growth opportunity for Goodell and the NFL and they are not going to jeopardize that by allowing the first team over there to be irrelevant for the first 5 years. Whether they look the other way on stuff under the table deals or hand them talent from other teams, much like the Panthers and Jags expansion, the European team will at least be competitive quickly IMO.

Hope they don't put them in the AFC N.
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