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Default Re: Harrison's latest harsh words on Goodell

The commissioner should have the power to police his league. That is the point of a commissioner in all walks of life. The issue with Goodell is he is changing the game to the point of ruining what the sport is. The root of his disastrous tenure started with Spygate. That was the first sign that he was a bad commissioner.

It cracks me up how the current issue is the pro bowl now and how he wants to get rid of it. Competetive game wasnt an issue until his monkey ass came. Everyone before would just play the game like normal and be cautious too but still played the game. But he has instilled this sissy mentality of everything needs to be monitored when it comes to playing, man, I cant keep talking about it. Roger Goodell is a ****ing clown and the worst commissioner in the history of sports and it isn't even close.
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