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Default Re: Ben, the Best Quarterback in the AFC

I think he is one of the best. The problem with saying who is best is that each QB has their own strengths. For example, Brady can throw lasers to TE's all day long. P. Manning is great at the no huddle rush offense. Rogers has great accuracy, etc.

Ben, well, he is about second best at all of those things. And by far the best at avoiding sacks, making plays when absolutely needed, playing with injuries, and arguably at staging comebacks under pressure (that last winning drive against Cardinals was friggin' an incredible once in a lifetime event). I think overall Ben is the best overall and most well rounded QB. Historically, if he would have had time consistently to stand in the pocket and make throws he would have had even more accomplishments. As "elite" as the other QB's are, Ben is the man that gets it done.
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