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Default Re: Ben staying upright in Haley’s new offense

because of the coaching change, teams cant pin back their ears and tee off on ben any more (or atleast w/o as much success, because they fear getting burnt with a short quick pass.

think of how many times last year when the steelers were approaching the red zone between the 25-35 yard markers already in FG range. i can think of atleast 5 sacks or fumbles that took us out of fg range and we punted as another long drive fizzled. the play calling was the same every time.

1st down- run into a wall
2nd down- pass for 3-5 yd gain or take shot at endzone.
3rd down- 4 second developing play for a shot at endzone= sack fumble.

teams had no problem rushing 5-6 defenders every 2nd and 3rd down in those situations, because all history and scouting showed it was a shot at the endzone that was coming, not a quick pass.

arians HATED calling plays inside the 10 yard line because it shortens the field and limits his pea brain.

while everybody was sleeping, we quietly replaced hines ward with a fullback. our passing game hasnt suffered and it looks like our run game is improving. lo and behold, that fullback caught a TD pass today.

so what are the giants going to focus on this week? our run game with our new found hammer? oh wait, we threw 3 td's to our tight ends and fullbacks.

oh wait... we still have the fastest, most complete wr corp in the game.

defending the steelers has become a tall order. we will see that bear fruit when we start playing our divisional opponents. if they gameplan for arians predictability and ineptitude like they did in the past, they will get burn.

last year the opponents gamplan was simple. cover wallace and tee off on ben. let the chips fall where they may with the other players.

now you have to defend against brown, miller, wallace AND our running game (anyone notice today that for the first time all year the announcers commented on our great RB depth. before the season it was called our greatest weakness and achilles heel.
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