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Default Re: James Harrison cant generate pressure anymore

I think we are going to see a lot of changes next year on defense for the better. I do believe the following players could be gone next year:

1. Casey Hampton - Playing in his final year; if he comes back he will only sign a 1yr deal. No way the Steelers will sign a 35 yr old player.

2. James Harrison - He is scheduled to count $10M against the cap next year; I think the F/O will ask him to either restructure his contract or flat out release him. James has been hurt the previous couple of seasons, none of us can defy Father Time.

3. Troy P. - Now this is a tricky one; I think Troy's better days are behind him as well. Better yet, I don't think he's having as much fun as he did when he was younger. It almost feels like he has one foot already out the door. I think his cap hit will be close to $6M next year as well.

4. Larry Foote - I think Foote will be asked to return for 1yr, no signing bonus though. Larry Foote is 33, will turn 34 next yr. Although his play has been solid, it hasn't been spectatcular.

5. Ike Taylor - I really do believe Ike will be gone after 2013; He played well the previous two weeks, we all have to give credit were credit is due. However, Ike isn't quite the same CB he once was.

I look for the 2013 NFL Draft to be heavy on the DEFENSIVE side for the Steelers.
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