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Default Re: Ben, the Best Quarterback in the AFC

Originally Posted by LVSteelersfan View Post
Ben has things about him that are better than Brady. Escapability for one. Brady has none. If he ever quits throwing bone headed picks, then maybe he will one day be the best in the AFC. We beat the Broncos if not for that and have a 5-2 record.
Every QB throws bad picks sometimes, one that lose games when thrown at the worst possible times. Ben has done a tremendous job taking care of the football this season. "Bonehead picks" to me does not even enter the conversation when recapping Ben's season thus far. I predicted a career year for him coming into this 2012 season, and he has not disappointed. He has never before been this consistently great, and it has been a true treat to watch him play football this season. He is our MVP, plain and simple, no doubt about it.
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