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Default Re: Has Cam Newton lost Charlotte?

He's an absolute beast of a quarterback and his skill and abilities are off the chart. He's always projected - to me - as a better quarterback than Andrew Luck. The only thing wrong in Carolina right now is the absolute horrific and team-ruining playcalling. They've invested large portions of their cap into the backfield in Williams, Tolbert and Stewart but are making Cam win games with not only his arm, but his legs as well.

Being an athletic freak does not equal success in the NFL. Even last season the Panthers were 6-10. We know Cam is a great athlete. But athleticism only goes so far when the head attached to that body is lousy, and it's quite obvious by Cam's immaturity that he's kind of a headcase.

As for Cam dancing and "acting like a fool" - he was trying to get the crowd into it. You could hear a pin drop in that stadium, despite the fact they just scored. He did very similar things in Auburn when they were down a couple of TD's and it worked miracles. Getting the crowd into it and being the 12th man on defense is something Steelers fans take for granted and I'm the first to admit it. Heinz Field is always into it, especially after Renegade. The Panthers don't have it so easy - they've been bad for a long time and haven't been to, let alone won, a Championship in a long time.

Then what does Cam do after that? He goes back on the bench and sulks. The dancing was dumb enough, but going back on the bench to pout made it even more dumb and pointless. Because of this terrible leadership ability, it looked like a little show for Cam to just show off for the camera, and not to inspire his team.

You know what would be a more effective way to "get the crowd back into it"? You keep the good play going and inspire your team. I'm not sure if it hasn't occurred to you or not, but this isn't College. This isn't Auburn where you have a bunch of kids cheering and idolizing you. It's the NFL.
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