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Default Re: Ben, the Best Quarterback in the AFC

Originally Posted by Twentyvalve View Post
I would put P. Manning over Ben right now. Did you watch the game last night? Insanity.
Saints are also setting records for being the worst defense in NFL history. It's not hard to throw against a secondary that doesn't know how to cover a deep post. Seriously - did you see how many times Thomas ran post routes and it worked perfectly? It's pathetic, and the Saints as an organization are in shambles right now.

I really wish the Steelers played the Saints this year. Ben would put up similar numbers as Peyton, if not better. He's a better quarterback right now than Peyton "noodle-arm" Manning and it's not even really a question. Manning has had to play easier secondaries and has had a run game throughout the season so far while Ben is just finally able to hand it off.

Manning isn't the same as he was, and when he plays against a legitimate, healthy defense - we'll see how he plays. Keep in mind, this is the same Manning that lost to a mediocre Patriot defense and threw 3 picks in the first quarter to an average-at-best Falcons secondary. As if that wasn't enough, he was confused by the Chargers' secondary - the CHARGERS secondary. Yikes.
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