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Default Re: Ben staying upright in Haley’s new offense

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
Defending the Steelers Offense under Bruce Arians.

1st Down: Stack the box. Hey diddle diddle. Mendy up the middle.
2nd Down: 3 Tight Ends. Tackle the quick screen.
3rd Down: Send a heavy blitz/stunt. Forced throw. Sack, Misfire or Interception.

There. Instant 3 and out.

By the way, the Steelers have improved to 11th in yardage, 13th in scoring. The Colts Offense? 9th in Yardage, 24th in Scoring.

Yeah, I think you're seeing the improvement.
I'm hoping to see a top ten finish in both points and yards, both of which very possible if the OL stays healthy.
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