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Default Re: presidential debate

Originally Posted by Vis View Post

This might come up as well

Just like clockwork all the global warming doomers have their panties in a wad over Sandy. Anytime they see some weather they don't like they trot out "global warming caused this"...

too hot - global warming
too cold - global warming
too much rain - global warming
not enough rain - global warming

We haven't had a cane here in FL for 6 years, NE has seen 2. - that's change i can support

Hurricane Cycles

Meteorologists have noted that hurricane seasons run in alternating cycles of active and less active seasons. These cycles last from 25 to 40 years.

Active seasons are thought to be triggered by the concentration of salt in ocean water. When the salt content is higher, the water is warmer and more hurricanes form.

Meteorologists believe that a cycle of active seasons started in 1995 and could continue for another 15 to 30 years.
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