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Default Re: James Harrison cant generate pressure anymore

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
with Harrison and Woodley both on the field together, they are at least a"solid" D in my book, which translates into being good enough to force some throws and to have to be accounted for

- I'm not saying I wouldn't like to see some more havoc wreaked, but all we can do is go with what we have. If the offense continues to improve - who knows, maybe "good enough" is good enough to contend.

Today's Steelers D looks much improved than the one that faced the Broncos, Raiders, and Titans. They are getting stops more consistently - this Giants game will be THE measuring stick for the midway point of the season.

The Ravens do not look as good as last year's version. They are really vulnerable. And, as I stated in another thread - if Ben and co. were facing the Giants yesterday, they probably wouldn't have gone with the same play calling. The Giants are very beatable - but I would still say this game is a toss up.
Nice take.

I think Harrison and his future next year with the team depends on the second half of the season, which I expect to be much better.

Woodley? Needs to change his workouts and learn his body. Never healthy.
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