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Default Re: James Harrison cant generate pressure anymore

Originally Posted by Lord of Lombardi View Post
Are you frikin serious? Dumb arses, he is getting over knee surgery!!!!! You are just like the society that I despise, wants everything now and dammit if I don't get it someone is going to pay or get cut.

Same idiots bitch when James gets signed on by the Niners and goes off. I'd rather have you guys cheer for the bengals. You are matching their mentality.
You are a MORON.

The rest of the NFL is not going to sit on their haunches and "pause" the game to wait for James Harrison to get back to 100% (if he ever does-- he is 35).

If he cannot perform, then simply put, he is hurting the team.

You only get an "A" for effort in the politically over-correct, "everybody is a winner" society that I despise. In the real world-- you either get results, or you are gone. That's the harsh reality-- the Steelers are not here to rehab him, they are here to win games and championships.
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