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Default Re: Ben, the Best Quarterback in the AFC

Originally Posted by steelerchad View Post
I think if you're talking about NFL QB's, I'd break them out like this into 4 categories. This would be entire body of work, however long that may be.

ELITE- distinct group of 6 IMO

5. Rodgers
6. E. Manning

7. Ryan
8. Flacco
9. Rivers
10. Stafford
11. Schaub
12. Romo
13. Cutler

Average or too soon to tell

14. RG3
15. Freeman
16. Dalton
17. A. Smith
18. Luck
19. Bradford
20. Newton
21. Ponder
22. Locker
23. Wilson
24. Wheeden
25. Tannehill


26. Palmer
27. Vick
28. Fitzpatrick
29. Sanchez
30. Kolb
31. Cassel
32. Gabbert
lmfao sanchez does suck! when he was a rookie I thought he would one day be great, but he's just not developing, hes not getting any better, he is inconsistent and the jets need to dump him and and start over before their entire teams I implodes and they lose a good coach I also think the jets signing tebow was retarded, hes not involved enough, and that unique talent he has is being wasted. Hes gotta either be a quarterback and not be a quarterback, sure he throws the football like hes trying to throw a mean curveball, but there are plenty of teams that I'm sure would love to have him over their current train wrecks. (kolb, vick, gabbert of course flacco)
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