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Default Re: This years steelers better than the 2010 steelers?

And wasn't the wide majority of this board losing their minds over this team's performance as recently as 2 weeks ago? I wasn't one of them (we lost three games we could have easily won by a combined 18 points, and the Denver game was a lot closer than 31-19 may indicate), but for people to now being saying that this year's team is better than one that was a drive away from winning a Super Bowl is a pretty shocking 180. Don't get me wrong, because I think this year's team has that potential in spite of a somewhat sluggish start - don't forget last year's Giants were 7-7 at one point. We are getting hot at the right time and I think we're going to be set up at 6-3 going into a huge matchup with the Ratbirds.
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