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Default Steelers!!!!

Hello all i am currently a student at Ohio University and i am doing a project on discourse communities and i chose to write about Steeler nation and for my project i am requested to get feedback from members on websites like this. so could you all help me out and reply to some or all of the questions below. As being a Steeler fan for almost 15 years i am hoping you all can help me out. So please take some time to answer these questions to help me out.

How long have you been here?
 Why are you involved?
 How do you communicate with other people on your team?
 What kinds of texts do you write and read here? memos/emails/notes?
 What distinguishes these texts from writing you do outside this community?
 Do you consider yourself a full member of this community?
 Who has authority here and how is it displayed?
 How often do you write?
 What kinds of texts do you write? Informal or Formal?
 What are the shared goals of this community; why does the group exist and what does it do?
 What mechanisms do members use to communicate with each other?
 What are the purposes of each of these mechanisms of communication?
 What kinds of specialized language do group members use in their conversation and in their genres?

So please help me out guys.
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