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Default Re: FRANKENSTORM: The Mother Of All Snowicanes Is Barreling Towards NYC

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
People are blaming the ones stuck in the NJ barrier islands for not leaving when Christie said go. You can't evacuate NYC.
Not all of it...but hundreds of thousands in the city were told to evacuate.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - As Hurricane Sandy aimed straight for them, promising to hammer the place they live with lashing winds and extensive flooding, New Yorkers seemed to be all about nonchalance on Monday morning - an attitude that didn't last into the afternoon.

Throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, few store owners had even bothered to board up their buildings. There was little taping of windows or buying of sump pumps.

Many New Yorkers, who watched last year's Hurricane Irene taper away without taking a big toll on the city, seemed unfazed by predictions of major damage that even the most conservative of meteorologists have been making.

At most, many bought flashlights, lugged home bags of bottled water and stocked their shelves with food. Others took pride in snubbing Sandy altogether.

"You want to know what I have in my fridge?" said Chris Conway, a 41-year-old who lives in the Chelsea area of Manhattan, not far from the Hudson River. "Four different kinds of Tabasco and one jar of A-1 steak sauce."

Many people defied the mandatory evacuation orders, opting instead to pile sandbags in front of doors, board windows with wood planks, and empty store shelves of food and water. As of 8 a.m., only 2,753 people had showed up at the 76 emergency storm shelters, mostly public schools, set up in New York City, where some 375,000 residents were in areas under evacuation orders.,1305885.story

I honestly don't know why anyone is surprised about the aftermath. After Ivan rolled through Pittsburgh in '04, it took a good week or so for people in affected areas to get power back...and that flooding was nothing compared to this. Why is there surprise over gas and food shortages after a disaster? Seriously? You can't blame any politician for that, shit happens all the time. It's called, be better prepared.
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