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Default Re: FRANKENSTORM: The Mother Of All Snowicanes Is Barreling Towards NYC

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
My brother is in Brooklyn near prospect park. He's fine. It's amazing the difference a mile makes there.
I'm glad for him, and everyone else who is alive and safe. I don't mean any of that to come off as harsh or uncaring, because I get that it's a shitty time for many right now...but it wasn't like this just snuck up on them. From what I've been reading, the majority of those that are pissed off and desperate right now are from areas (i.e. Staten Island) who were in zones that were told to evacuate. WTH did they expect? Just cause Irene turned out to be a dud for them doesn't mean you just ignore every other storm. I hope many of them realize that now.

That wasn't even my real main point though...I just found it funny that when Katrina hit, Republicans were screaming that they should have evacuated when told to, or should have been better prepared, and defended Bush and FEMA. Now that Obama is president, these same people can't wait to finger point at Obama and Bloomberg.

My statements aren't made in either presidents defense...just simply that this is a natural disaster, and people, especially in large cities, should be prepared to deal with some extreme hardship afterwards. Prepare for yourself, don't rely on politicians to save you afterwards.
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