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Default Re: Steelers!!!!

 Why are you involved?
[Because this is a forum that allows me to communicate with fellow fans. I have lived in different part of the country, but always can call Steelers Nation home.

 How do you communicate with other people on your team?
Really don't communicate with Steeler players - they have a hard enough job to do without listening to my
uneducated opinions.

 What kinds of texts do you write and read here? memos/emails/notes?
When I feel strongly for, or against something the team has done - and to try and keep a positive twist on things - even when we're not a great team - we're not the Clevland Turds - so life isn't ever that bad.

 What distinguishes these texts from writing you do outside this community?

 Do you consider yourself a full member of this community?
I suppose so, I have been on the board quite a while now and post somewhat regularily

 Who has authority here and how is it displayed?
Some administrator somplace

 How often do you write?
A few posts a week while eating lunch generally

 What kinds of texts do you write? Informal or Formal?
Informal, I'm not a writer

 What are the shared goals of this community; why does the group exist and what does it do?
For me, it is hard to get up to date Steelers team info when not living in PA, so this is the best way to learn about team news.

 What mechanisms do members use to communicate with each other?
Some people probably have private mesasges.

 What are the purposes of each of these mechanisms of communication?
To communicate?

 What kinds of specialized language do group members use in their conversation and in their genres?
Terms like ones used in football - tackles, winning, scoring, ect. Stuff people from Cleveland can't understand - or sometimes things like Championships - things like people from NE can't use without an astrick attached for cheating.
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