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Default Re: Wallace wants to go deep more

In order for Wallace to be a deep threat, we first need to make teams believe that we have a genuine running game; something we haven't really had since Wallace has been here.

This season, we did better in the running game but it's been pretty much running by committee which may work in terms of yards but is not a real threat, but with Dwyer beginning to show that he might just be "The Guy" we've been looking for since Bussie retired, that may change.

If Dwyer does indeed prove to be Bettis V2.0 and we really do use him in a Bettis-like way, we THEN will have a legitimate run threat which will force the safeties and the CB's to honor the run and play closer to the box which will THEN allow Wallace to do what he does best.

Having Wallace is great, but without a running game that gains the respect of the competition, it's sort of like having a nice doorknob but no house to go with it.
I think Dwyer can change that and Wallace can start earning his money.

We'll see...
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