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Default Re: Justin Tuck whining about Steelers

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
I once heard Mark Schlereth talk about something similar. He basically stated that if a DL was complaining to the press about the way in which Schlereth played, even before they stepped on the field, then Schlereth KNEW that he already had that player psychologically beat. Schlereth went on to say that once he got into a DL's head so badly that the DL was complaining to the league/refs even BEFORE they had played a down, that the DL's head was swirling with concern... and then, Schlereth would go RIGHT AT HIM... and the DL's psychological disadvantage would turn into Schlereth PHYSICALLY dominating the DL.

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Yeah, he's having an off year and seems to have head problems. The closer this game gets, the better I feel about the Steelers' chances.
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