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Default Re: Wallace wants to go deep more

Originally Posted by Twentyvalve View Post
Not only that, he is a great receiver. He has made some great catches this year. If he did not hold out we would not even be having this conversation.
Great receivers don't drop 4 balls that hit him right on the palms of his hands. He left at least 14 points out on the field that day.

I am willing to bet my next few paychecks that Fitz (whom he unfairly compared himself to) would have caught those passes and gotten the points.

The reason why Antonio Brown is a much better receiver is because HE CAN DO IT ALL. He is fast enough to stretch defenses. He is agile enough to turn the hated WR bubble screens into highlight reels. He is one of the best at returning kicks (as long as he keeps running forwards). And his routes are crisp from spending so many hours in the filmroom.

Wallace is still a one-trick pony. He has his speed......and that's it. He's not a particularly good route runner. Drops easy TDs that hit him on the hands. He ran the wrong route in the SB against GB and caused the game-losing interception.

He has a loooooooooong way to go.
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