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Default Re: FRANKENSTORM: The Mother Of All Snowicanes Is Barreling Towards NYC

Originally Posted by cubanstogie View Post
you should now about divert, your boy has been diverting ever since 9/11/12. What kind of leader ignores calls for help and resources only to see the men he is responsible for murdered. Then has the audacity to try and lie his way out it. Six weeks later he is still campaigning and doesn't have time to explain his eff up. Oh wait he took a break to each cheese steaks with Christie and hug some hurricane victims, now back to campaigning. What do you expect when Hillary and the other loons he surrounds himself actually have to make decisions.

has your boy found the WMD's yet? what kind of leader ignores intelligence of imminent attacks and then watches the towers come down while [trying to] reading dr seuss to kindergarteners?


maybe instead of eating a cheese steak as a diversion, obama should just start a war and send off 40,000 of my fellow countrymen to die. worked for howdy-doody!
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