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Default Re: Wallace wants to go deep more

Originally Posted by mikegrimey View Post
Outside of the Sunday night bengals game I can't think of any other time Wallace has been a ball dropper. It was an awful game, but hardly makes him a dropper. As for disappearing... Not entirely sure what that means, but I by no means think Wallace is perfect, in just a bit more reasonable in evaluating him than the "one trick pony" babblers
IMO, Wallace hit his prime during the air raid we had against the packers in reg season. 2010. I believe...... It was a Nice last second game winning Santonio Holmes style TD catch. I was high as hell on Wallace and thought he was legit and for real.

Ever since I noticed his lack of effort, dropping easy grabs, giving up on plays and noticed that fame was getting to him and he was deciding to settle for mediocrity cause it seemed to me that he believed he was good enough and didn't have to work hard anymore.

The 2011 Wild card game. Deep pass, right in the numbers..... Dropped. Broncos challenged the catch and won. That's the game where he finally lost the rest of any respect I had for him.

2010 AFC championship game I believe that the good majority of Steelers fans saw we had a real WR on our team and that wr's name was Brown.... Not Wallace. I believe the organizationion knew it as well.
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