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Default Re: Wallace wants to go deep more

Originally Posted by Millers the sh!t View Post
We don't have to imagine this scenario. It happened to Miller for years and years under Arians. And guess what. Miller didn't cry about it once. The man sat back patiently for half of his career being totally under utilized and wasted because we had a shit OC. Now that Miller is finally getting his dues, .

this is only true to stat, fantasy football, and pro-bowl geeks, who care more about their pretend teams than the NFL as a whole.

football purists, those who study and respect the history of the game, and those who really understand the position know its complete rubbish.

heath miller has widely been regarded as the best PURE tight end in the game. that has translated to a VERY illustrious career for him where he will go down as the best TE in the entire history of the steelers 80 year old franchise.

i am sorry i have disagreed with you (posting nothing but FACTS), and i am sure you will take exception. please feel free, as others on this board have shown, , throwing a little hissy fit may help.

also, i had to laugh at your notion of wallace hitting his "prime" in the final game of his rookie season... were you in a coma the 1st half of last season?
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