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Default Re: Wallace wants to go deep more

I agree with you to an extent. I think Miller's predicament is unique, the guy does not say a word either way. And, imagine a TE whining about not being utilized as receiver enough - that would draw much boo-haaas. Maybe my TE analogy was not the best, but you get the gist.

I still don't get the hate for Wallace. He is a fast, probowl quality receiver who wants to utilize his best asset and contribute. He held out for money. I want to get paid as much as I can for my job, I don't really care about what anyone else thinks, why should he? We can all have our perceptions of his personality and ego, but none of us know the guy personally so whatever our comments, which are free to offer, are based on opinion only.

I am just happy he is back. And making plays. And while we are on the subject of plays, I loved the snap to Rainey with Ben faking the high snap grab. That was classic! A first? I can just see Arians staring at that play slack-jawed with drool drooling from his mouth not being able to comprehend something so alien.

Originally Posted by Millers the sh!t View Post
We don't have to imagine this scenario. It happened to Miller for years and years under Arians. And guess what. Miller didn't cry about it once. The man sat back patiently for half of his career being totally under utilized and wasted because we had a shit OC. Now that Miller is finally getting his dues, Wallace is crying that he ain't in the spotlight anymore even though he was planning on holding out this season anyways and clearly doesn't deserve the opportunity to get balls thrown his way due to his pathetic play and contributions to the team on and of the field.

It's just another sign that Wallace is a little boy still, and has the big headed WR disease that so many of them get. I'm glad that the 5-6 force fed dud bombs to Wallace every game are gone. I'm glad that they aren't even throwing one to him a game and in fact are scoring more points per game without the deep threat tactic than they were with it. Hopefully it helps humble Wallace and returns him back to planet earth while he is young and still has a chance to decide how he wants his legacy to be written. I'd hate to see Wallace be a punk his whole career and earn a bad rep for himself, then find himself begging for a job and working for peanuts like TO, Chad Johnson etc.

Having said all this. I still believe that airing it out to Wallace will be a huge part of our new offensive gameplay coming this postseason. I'm expecting a completely different offensive philosophy change and it'll look nothing like the Steelers we have been all watching the past 7 games.

I've mentioned before that I'm loving the new Haley offense, but I've been thinking a lot recently about how long he can possibly keep it fresh and unpredictable before it turns into the predictable and boring Arians offense. . I'm really hoping that we are barely seeing the tip of the iceberg and we can stay hot for years to come. I have way way way more confidence in Haley and his potential than Arians, but we can only be so successful for so long building an offensive scheme around the WR quick screens.

This is also why I'm guessing we will be high flying come late December and January.
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