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Default Re: Wallace wants to go deep more

Originally Posted by Twentyvalve View Post

And while we are on the subject of plays, I loved the snap to Rainey with Ben faking the high snap grab. That was classic! A first? I can just see Arians staring at that play slack-jawed with drool drooling from his mouth not being able to comprehend something so alien.
actually arians and ben have used that atleast once before. i know theyve used it in the regular season and maybe the direct snap to El for the 2 point conversion in the SB?

brett favre "invented" that and brady and ben have both used it (thats all, that i am aware of).

the best fake direct snap goes back to mularkey. kordell walked out from under center to bark a play at a wr and the direct snap went to bettis for a 1st down (vs vikings in 2001 i believe).

it was so good, mike martz and kurt warner incorporated it in their "greatest show on turf" offense the following year (to either faulk or trung candidate).

someone needs to blow the dust off that play.
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