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Default Re: Are We Ready For Baltimore

Anything is possible but my vote is still on my Pittsburgh. One thing I have learned through the years is you can NEVER count the Steelers out. Noatter how bad we play 99% of the time we pull a win out at the last second. It's been our milue of you will.

We have always been a last second team and today even proved that one. Look at all the obstacles we had to battle through. Yes we have the Chiefs next but my focus is on Baltimore. I have taken so much heat because we gave them 2 wins last year (though we are still the NFL's leading team) I would love to see us shut down all three phases of Baltimore and sack the snot out of slacco's on crack yo Flacco. I want to see him eat turf and see Suggs shut down. Let's see Ray Rice made ineffective and have our defense crush their line. Our offense strong and an intensity that ranks the number 1 for every team in the season!

Let's kick up our passion. Let's raise the bar on intensity. Let's fine tune all three phases and sync perfectly together to beat the RatBird Ravens...the Baltimore Chokes

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