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Default Re: How to classify this win

It's easy to classify the game..."SET UP"! "RIGGED"! "PAID OFF"! "SLANTED"! "ONE SIDED"!

Even when we were "Facing The Giants" like the movie we beat back that brick wall till it collapsed! I LOVED this win today! It showed the world what we are really made of. I hope we win this years SuperBowl do we can shove that 7th ring right in Goodells face and say "YOU CAN'T STOP THE COLORS" or maybe "THESE COLORS DON'T RUN" or something catchy like that to let him know we beat the best, overcame with adversity and persevered even when we were deliberately set up!

The fact is our team has the most SuperBowl rings in the entire NFL's history and they can't take that away!

Classify? Yeah I'll classify! Classify this as a GREAT win!
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