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Default Re: QB hit + forward incomplete pass = FUMBLE????

Originally Posted by NEWstevo View Post
QB hit + forward incomplete pass = FUMBLE????

"Former officials supervisor Mike Pereira tweeted he thought Roethlisberger still had control of the ball when his arm was going forward and it should have been an incomplete pass."

So now I wonder if this has set a precedence in the NFL. When a QB is attempting a pass and he is hit as he throws, and the pass goes off target but still falls forward incomplete, is that now a fumble instead of an incompless pass?

I guess it will depend on who is the QB, and which teams are playing. And maybe if Goodell is present.
That's the thing, though...this totally contradicts the entire purpose of the arm moving forward rule. If now it only matters if he was hit, the arm moving forward rule becomes irrelevant.
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