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Default Re: Server troubles

Originally Posted by Lokki View Post
Just a question for you Bayz. I'm not sure if the site ever had one in the past, however, have you guys considered maybe adding a chat room?

It seems like the biggest crashes to the site are when the post counts are high during the games. If there was a chat room, maybe it would ease the site some since the database wouldn't be getting flooded with multiple posts at once.

Just an idea.
The server memory commonly exceeds 100% on game days when activity is at it's highest, and that's something that NEEDS to be fixed by our host. I've been bitching them out since nine this morning, and so far things seem to be going nowhere. I've taken so many precautions to prevent this from continuing to happen, and for a few weeks it hasn't, and last night the same problems started coming up again.

I have toyed with the idea of installing a chat, but I strongly believe that the server needs to be able to handle high amounts of activity, and if it can't, i'll get with the owner and explore our options as far as moving the website to a new host. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll certainly keep it in mind and see what I can do to make something like that happen.

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