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Default Re: No chance vs Chiefs

I am never one to get overconfident with upcoming games.. I always try to set myself up for a possible Steelers loss.. I realize the Chiefs have played us very tough the past several times, but I can't help but think the Chiefs are walking into a buzzsaw Monday night. The Steelers always bring their A-game for Monday night home games. The Steelers are playing very well right now; while the Chiefs are playing like the worst team in the league. Haley had to have this one circled on his calendar. He and the Chiefs had a nasty split. It would be extremely gratifying for him to humiliate the Chiefs in front of a national audience. I am sure the offense will buy into that as well. Not only that, but he knows every player on that team, what they are capable of, and what their tendencies are.

It would be one hell of a shocker if we came out and laid an egg, even with Baltimore looming the next week. Everyone will be throwing out the phrase "trap game," but I don't see it with the unique set of circumstances at play.
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