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Default Re: Doing much better w/o Marcus Gilbert in the line up?

Originally Posted by Bayz101 View Post
He's a rookie, did you expect him to play lights out? He misses blocks every now and then, but that's something you expect from a guy who was viewed as a project player who'd be a decent backup in a couple years. Bottom line is that he's a GREAT run-blocker, and his excellence in that part of the game seems to be contributing to our running backs performances. The run game wasn't very good until Adams came in. Keep in mind that he's a rookie and that he went up against arguably one of the NFL's best defensive lines and managed to keep Ben upright far more than he ever stayed on his feet under Bruce Arians all of last year. Mad props to the rookie for his hard work and excellent blocking. He'll be a great starter one day, and I for one can't wait.
Trust me Bayz, I can't wait either. I hope he turns out to be fantastic. I understand he's s rookie. But there is something very clumsy about him and I have issues trusting him, way mote issues than I had with Gilbert starting, or other rookies in the past.. I'm gonna re watch the game tonight Bayz while my wife is at school.

I think a lot of Ben staying upright has more to do with the new.offense, and I think that the success of out run game has more to do with the fact that WE simply just run the ball and PRACTICE running the ball more than we did with Airhead. Also maybe our online isn't as gassed cause they arent pass blocking for 6 seconds 3/4 plays anymore. I think there are A LOT of changes that were made since last season for any of us to really pin point what may have worked better than the other. All I'm glad about is that its working Bayz. I'm having a hard on for this years team. WE are getting out swagger back and I haven't felt confident about ou
r team like I am now since 2008.
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